Taking Control of Your Personal Brand

Every month, Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia hosts a professional development seminar around themes geared towards helping professionals make the right career moves. Last week’s workshop focused on personal branding and how to take control of your image.

Who and what do you picture when you think of personal branding? Well-known brands, social media influencers and even some celebrities come to mind, but we all have a brand and messaging that we communicate to the world whether we like it or not. Jennifer Joseph, a Human Resources Director, provided the audience guidance on how to identify what our brands are and how to change the messaging.

During the workshop, participants had to identify people they admire professionally, highlight their strengths and what they like about them. We were then asked to look within, addressing both positive and negative views we may have of ourselves and what we think others may be saying about us.

Some Takeaways:

1) Identify what your strengths and weaknesses are. Ask yourself what you can do to improve.

2) The importance of knowing your worth and placing value on yourself. When negotiating a salary for a new job, what you accept going in is your starting point. Know your price and leverage your bargaining power.

3) Succession planning is key. Developing new leaders who can either replace you when you leave your role or the roles of others. Look at positions at your current place of employment that you would like to either apply for or grow into. Are you ready to assume those roles? If not, what can you do to prepare?

4) When job searching, research the culture of the company you are looking to join. Make sure it aligns with your values.

Do you feel like your brand could use some tweaking? You can start over just by changing the narrative. Here are some tips that were shared during the workshop:

1) Do your research to see how you are being portrayed online. Start by Googling yourself.

2) Look in your industry locally to see who your competition is. What is the standard and do you meet it?

3) Get an accountability partner and mentor in your field.

Just know, it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and re-brand yourself. “Let where you have come from be your drive”.

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-Landy Georges