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National Caribbean American Heritage Month

Please be informed that June is National Caribbean American Heritage Month and we will be celebrating the month in recognition of the valuable contributions of Caribbean Americans. 

The attached programs are a reflection of Caribbean Community in Philadelphia. For the last few years, we have joined forces as a member organization of the national alliance. Please remember, June is also Immigrant Heritage Month.  

Additionally, the official Caribbean Sunday Church Service annual kick off, a thanksgiving and cultural exposition of Culinary Caribbean Delight facilitated  by members of the Holy Apostle Church is on Sunday, June 3, 2018.

We are still waiting on the official legislative Proclamation from President Trump declaring National Caribbean American Heritage Month. Thanks in advance for participating in this and many other programs honoring our Caribbean Identity and Immigrant Heritage in June.

Warm regards,

Miranda Alexander

Founder/Program Director

Caribbean Community in Philadelphia


Caribbean Community in Philadelpia is a Project of CultureTrust Greater Philadelphia