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HPP Seeks Volunteer to Fill Treasurer/Finance Chair Vacancy

HPP Mission and Programs

The Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia (HPP) is a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to advance the educational, professional development and mentorship needs of the Haitian community in the greater Philadelphia area. HPP administers the Haiti Relief Fund, which is a grant program that awards grant funds to Haitian nongovernmental organizations doing development work in Haiti. To date, HPP has awarded an estimated $20,000 to support educational programming and initiatives across Haiti. HPP also administers a scholarship Fund that provides financial support to high school graduate, undergraduate, and graduate students of Haitian descent attending schools in the Greater Philadelphia area.

HPP is currently looking to fill a Treasurer/Finance Chair vacancy in its Board. The Finance Chair responsibilities are as follows:

  • Coordinates finance committee meetings.

  • Actively recruits finance committee members.

  • Works with Board Chair and Vice Chair of Operation to manage, monitor, and track organizational funds.

  • Prepare and explain financial reports at board gatherings.

  • Ensures IRS compliance.

  • Conducts extensive research on relevant grants and documents the information in the appropriate database.

  • Solicit funds for the work of the organization.

  • Develop fundraising strategies and activities to replenish the Haiti Relief Fund grant and Scholarship Fund programs.

  • Works with the Haiti Outreach Committee to award Haiti Relief Fund grants to Haitian run NGOs doing development work in Haiti.

  • Resumes all powers, duties and responsibilities of the Chair and Vice Chair in his or her absence.

Expectations of Board of Directors

All Board Members are expected to provide organizational leadership, governance and oversight as follows:

  • Assist the Board Chair with development and implementation of HPP’s strategic plan.

  • Review outcomes and metrics created by HPP for evaluating its impact, and regularly measure its performance and effectiveness using those metrics; review agenda and supporting materials prior to board and committee meetings.

  • Approve HPP’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions; being informed of, and meeting all, legal and fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Contribute to an annual performance evaluation of the Chair.

  • Assist the Board Chair in identifying and recruiting other Board Members.

  • Partner with the Chair and other board members to ensure that board resolutions are carried out.

  • Serve on committees or task forces and take on special assignments.

  • Represent HPP to stakeholders; act as an ambassador for the organization.

  • Assist with recruiting members and ensures HPP’s commitment to its members and the communities HPP serves.

  • Commit to meeting one evening a month in support Of HPP’s Strategic Priorities.

  • If appointed, commit to serve until the next election.

  • If elected, commit to serve a two-year term.

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit a resume to